Sunday, December 14, 2014

The three worst and three best things about having energetic kids

I was once took my daughter to a sports camp for preschoolers because she loved to run around. The girl doesn't know how to sit! While I was there, I noticed an overweight little boy huffing around the gym. My first thought was, "Good for his mom, getting him off the couch and running around." My second thought was, "Wait, how did she get him to stop running around and sit on the couch in the first place? I could use a little quiet time." We can't even watch movies with my daughter because she's always dancing and jumping up and down in front of the screen.

In honor of my little energizer bunny I'm listing the three worst and best things about having an energetic child.

The worst:
1. You are always on the run. Your little darling is not going to walk nicely next to the cart in the grocery store or sit quietly and play games on your phone in the restaurant, so get used to doing things quickly. You may have to completely give up restaurants without a play land when you have the kids along. Save those for date night. As for errands, don't plan on more than a couple at a time.
2. You become a human jungle gym. Energetic kids don't want to nicely snuggle with you, they want to climb all over you. Expect to have your cheeks pinched, your legs used as a slide and your stomach jumped on while you try to sit and read a bedtime story. Don't worry it's your child's way of showing affection.
3. Everyone will ask you if your child has ADHD. While some kids do have attention disorders, it is possible for your kids just to be energetic without needing to be medicated. If your child can concentrate on an art project, a sport, or something else they are interested in, they are usually just fine. Having energy is a good thing, you just have to spend some extra time channeling it well.

The best:
1. Energetic kids love life. These kids are interested in everything and will open you up to whole new experiences as they see and learn about the world around them with gusto. Wherever you take them and whatever you do, these kids will love it. In fact, energetic kids enjoy getting out and experience life large and up close more then they enjoy watching TV or playing video games. Let them take you for the ride of your life.

2. You'll get lots of exercise. You may be spending your days literally chasing around your energetic toddler. Accentuate the positive, you won't have to take a special trip to the gym. When your child gets older, he'll enjoy hikes, bike rides, days at the pool and trips to the park. All of these mean less time on the couch for you, too!

3. It's a sign of intellingence. Intellingent children are curious and engaged in the world around them. This leads to lots of physical activity. Whether its seeing how high they ca
n climb in that tree or taking apart pens, toys or remote controls, they are using their minds and testing their limits. Encourage those things as much as possible. That bodes well for a bright future.