Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kid-proofing tricks for your favorite electronics

  • You've spent bank on the latest and greatest device and you love it like a child. You want to keep your baby safe -- but you can't keep the kids away forever. How can you let your kids enjoy the great apps and games, but still protect it from their grubby little hands? Here are some tips for kid-proofing your electronics.
  • Buy kid tough cases.
  • You know your child is going to drop and/or step on, your phone or tablet. Make the investment in a durable case and it will save you the expense of a replacement down the road. Look into screen protectors to protect from scratches. Some stores even apply the protector for you if you're nervous about handling the thin polyester film yourself.
  • Stock-up on screen cleaners.
    • Whether you prefer moistened electronic wipes or a simple screen cleaning cloth, teach your kids the right way to clean off fingerprints. Show them where you keep the screen cleaners and make them easily accessible. If you don't, your kids may come up with their own cleaning ideas — and it won't be pretty.
  • Get something waterproof.
  • If your phone will be accompanying you and your kids to a day at the beach or poolside, bring a waterproof pouch to put it in. This will protect your baby from kids coming dripping wet and sitting on the phone, as well as from curious toddlers who like to see what happens when you throw things in the water. For a quick and easy fix, bring a sealable plastic sandwich bag.
  • Always have rice in the cupboard. 
  • If your child does, per chance, introduce your cell phone and water, end the relationship immediately. Turn your phone off so it does not short circuit. If your phone has been in water, assume it is water logged even if it is still working. Remove the cover, battery, sim card and unplug any accessory ports. Dry things off the best you can with a soft cloth, then bury the phone is a bowl of rice and leave it overnight. Rice is super absorbent and will draw out water. Don't try turning your phone on again until after 24 hours.
  • Designate and e-zone.
  • Tired of never being able to find your phone or tablet? Set up an electronic zone in your house where the kids are allowed to sit and use your devices. That way, they don't get carried all around the house and yard and left on the floor. It's also a good idea to prohibit food and drink in this e-zone.
  • Set passwords and turn off buying options.
  • If your kids can't get past the home screen, they are less likely to use the phone without permission and do unsupervised browsing and buying.You can turn off buying options all together on your phone to protect yourself from surprise charges on games or social media. Go to your phone's settings screen where you can find options to set restrictions on purchases, require a pin number for purchases, or turn them off.

  • Smartphones and tablets are a big investment in a sensitive but powerful tool. Go the extra mile to make sure your electronics are protected from little hands. With a little planning, you and your kids can enjoy using your favorite devices.

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