Friday, June 21, 2013

Weekend Romps: Backyard games

Backyard Fun and Games

You want to send the kids outside for playtime everyday, but sometimes the imagination is turned off and you hear, "There's nothing to do outside." This is a great time to pull out the backyard games.

Some of our family favorites are croquet and bocce ball. These are easy for the kids to set up and play on their own, and even my youngest plays along with her older siblings (with liberal rule interpretations for her.) My husband and I also enjoy playing with the kids.

You can find sets at most sporting goods stores and at big box stores during the spring. Other backyard games your kids might enjoy are ladder ball, paddle ball, badminton, and horseshoes.  One great thing about these backyard games is that adults and kids can play together without the adults always having the clear advantage. (My 6-year-old plays a mean game of croquet and I think everyone can beat me at badminton.)

To enjoy them, you don't have to be a super athlete or do a lot of running. At extended family parties we hold tournaments and it's a great way to get everyone (of all ages) mingling.

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