Sunday, June 16, 2013

Backyard water fun

Summer is here and that means heat. Waterparks are fun, but expensive and usually an all day affair. Here are some fun ways to cool off in your own backyard.

Kid Wash
This take on a car wash is sure to have kids lining up to cool off. Using PVC pipe (which is really inexpensive) build your wash structure. You'll need to have a base (like a square or rectangle), use joints with 3 openings. Plug the end of one pole on the base and leave one end open to put the hose into. Stick poles up and attach another PVC shape (usually echoing the base) on top. Drill holes in the top poles and when you turn on the hose, the water will drip down onto the kids going through. Add buckets and car sponges for extra fun.

Water balloon wars
Supply each side with water balloons and let your kids go at it. You can use them to enhance a variety of backyard games. You can use water balloons to tag people in capture the flag. See how long you can volley them with badminton rackets before they break. Toss them back and forth in a game of hot potato.

Backyard spa
Add some bubble bath to a kiddie pool. Or, paint the bottom of your kiddie pool black and let the water heat up all day in the sun. Then, let your kids take a soak.

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