Friday, January 13, 2012

Ice Skating

Last winter we were buried waist deep in the white stuff. There was still snow in the mountains here until July. Well, I guess we got all our snow last spring because we have not been able to use the new sleds the kids got for Christmas.

So what do you with your kids on the weekend when it's cold, but there's no snow? Ice skating.

Except in places where hockey is a popular children's sport, interest in ice skating usually builds with the Olympics, then falls off again. Ice-skating is great exercise, pretty low cost, and something the whole family can do together. And maybe, you're kid does have the stuff to become an Olympic skater. You never know until you try!

Dress in layers. You'll be cold at first, but as you get moving you may want to take your coat off. Always bring gloves to protect those hands and fingers (especially if you fall a lot like me.) If you go to an outdoor rink, bring a hat. We lose a lot of our body heat through our heads and hands.

If you have a little kid who's a beginner, most rinks have something akin to a walker they can push around to stay balanced.

Many ice-skating venues offer clinics for beginners, so google local ice-rinks and peruse their website. My daughter and I did clinics one time at the Olympic Oval in Kearns and had a great time. We both did better than I thought we would.

One thing to remember is just have fun. There are plenty of people stumbling around the ice -- you're not going to feel out of place no matter what your skill level.

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