Friday, January 20, 2012

Indoor Rock Wall

An Australian study showed that children who are active during the day fall asleep much faster and stay asleep longer than children who are sedentary. That makes a lot of sense. If your children are having trouble sleeping, wear them out before putting them to bed.

When it’s cold outside, it’s harder for your kids to get the exercise they need. They’re probably not spending as much time in the back yard and may no longer be walking home from school. Sometimes recess is even cancelled. Now is the time to look for recreational activities indoors.

There are a lot of indoor rock climbing places and kids are naturals at this sport. (They climb all the time on chairs, tables, railings, trees, etc...) They have a great upper body strength to weight ratio. Some places even have special wall areas just for kids. If you're adventurous you can get on the wall with your kids. 

Besides traditional indoor climbing venues, you can often find indoor rock walls in gyms, fun centers, and large sporting goods stores.

Kids are harnessed and have a spotter at most indoor rock walls. Remember to wear closed toe shoes with good traction. Remind your children to never rock climb outside without the proper equipment and an adult to help them use it.

While you may find a free rock wall sometimes at a sporting goods store, this is mostly a pay by the hour activity. Your best price will probably be found at community rec centers. Some venues may have a pass that gives you a discount for purchasing multiple sessions. Some facilities charge separately for equipment rental.

Have fun!

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