Friday, January 27, 2012


Winter is halfway over and my kids and I are yearning to go outside in the sunshine. The temperature is warmer, but there is some snow on the ground, especially in the canyons. This is perfect snowshoeing weather.

Snowshoeing is a great activity for kids because anyone can do it. It's basically walking with big things on your feet, so it's easy to catch on. Our son went on this first snowshoe hike when he was three years old and had a blast. It's also great for uncoordinated moms who can't ski. (Me).

Snowshoeing is a lot less expensive than skiing. We rent our kids snowshoes at REI for less than $10 a pair. You avoid paying for a lift pass -- your feet do the climbing.

Where do you snowshoe? Go to a local summer hiking trail and snowshoe there. A great place to snowshoe with kids is in campgrounds and picnic areas that are snowed in for the winter. You'll have a nice wide path, there's usually somewhere to park, and if you're lucky there's an open bathroom.

Another good place to snowshoe is on golf courses. You will need to call the golf course before hand and check availability. Many cross-country skiing areas allow snowshoers on their trails as well.

Snowshoeing is a great way to get out in nature in the winter. The scenery is transformed so your favorite summer spots will seem brand new. Trails are also less crowded in the winter and you'll feel a refreshing peacefulness.

My kids love finding big hills to slide down, feet in the air, slick snow pants making the trail.

Make sure everyone has boots, gloves and hats. I usually pack some hot chocolate too. As for any outdoor activity, bring water, a first aid kit, and make sure everyone sticks together.

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